Dropping support for IE?

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Like many developers, particularly SaaS developers, we’ve pretty well decided that Microsoft’s venerable Internet Explorer is just not keeping up with the Internet and so we will no longer be spending long development hours trying to shoehorn such features as rounded corners into our CRM system when all the other major browsers (notably Firefox, Safari and Chrome) all have adopted CSS to do this for us painlessly.

We’ve been thinking of doing this for some time, and have been heartened to see other developers doing this either without telling the user (like WordPress here), or actually telling users that they should move from IE to “a more modern browser”.

Less than half the traffic to our site now comes from IE, with Firefox the main contender, and most of users don’t use IE, many at our recommendation.

I’ve some sympathy for IE, the CSS for rounded corners is not officially adopted by the standard committee yet. But users like and expect such niceties, so we need to implement them before IE9 arrives, for which Microsoft is currently forecasting this functionality.

So we’ll add the new features and IE users will get a polite message saying that IE will work fine with our system, but others work better.

Are many other software developers taking this approach?